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We are currently in closed alpha, and should go into public beta soon!
Keep checking back yeah?

Feels like this

when starting your business?

Having to decide which platform to use for

each aspect of running your business can be hard

and costly

The many facets

of business operations

can be very time-consuming and tedious

especially if they are all supported by different vendors

with multiple logins, multiple email reminders, multiple systems

What Does USys provide?

Especially useful for startups and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), USys can help you to

  • Remove Login Clutter

    No more tracking multiple logins!
  • Achieve Easy Collaboration

    Tools to synergise and increase team productivity!
  • Maintain A Clear Picture

    Maintain a clear overview, no matter which department you're in!
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USys is an evolutionary system that aims to unify all the typical operational requirements and activities of a small business, enabling business owners to focus their energy on developing and selling products and services. Having gone through the startup phase ourselves, we recall the times when we had to evaluate an exponential number of vendors for the multiple aspects of our business.

Online presence? You're talking about a website, a domain name, email accounts, website content. Preparing for your first sale? You need to consider invoicing, accounts, exchange rates. What about sales and marketing? Selling on other popular sites, reaching out on social media, sending electronic direct mailers, and wondering how that could be integrated with your website and accounting system. Growing your team? There'll be a need to track leave arrangements, task collaboration, set up personal to-do lists, schedule internal meetings.

And that's just a simple overview.

USys aims to provide all these functionalities under a single system, reducing multiple learning curves into just 1, with a consistent and easy-to-understand user interface. We'll be honest - there will be a learning curve. But we'll be happy to accept suggestions, and even special use-case requests/customisations for our customers, in order to make USys as robust as possible, and fit as many industries as possible.

Current Modules


Create invoices and have the PDF emailed immediately to the customer. Automatically create a receivable entry for issuer and if the payee is a USys store, a payable entry for the payee account.


Manage subscriptions for recurring sales, and conveniently create invoices for extensions.


Manage employees, leave allocation, leave applications, and set no-leave days.

Basic Accounting

Create transactions/entries, upload documents/receipts and create expenses/receivables. Manage bank accounts and track/forecast their balances. Multi-currency accounting made easier by a monthly-updated set of exchange rates from OpenExchangeRates.org.


Review payroll calculations and make adjustments before issuing. Direct entries into accounting module, and includes provisions for Singapore's CPF system. Download CPF declaration files for uploading directly, instead of manually entering per employee.


Set/assign reminders and tasks and track progress.


View history with suppliers and customers, and live chat with USys stores.

SMS Gateway

Direct marketing campaigns using our SMS gateway, with automatic conversion into email notifications for all incoming SMSes (free!) from customers prefixed with your designated codeword. Sending rates as low as S$0.04 per local SMS.

Upcoming Modules


Collaborate on projects


Build your website by customising from templates and colour schemes, fill in or choose the content as prompted, and viola!